Jessica Boxer

Jessica Boxer is a child welfare lawyer by trade. In the studio she is known as Jess, the foxyyogi. Her background in law taught her to be methodical and precise in her approach to teaching. To Jessica, yoga is a beautiful practice of discipline and control, surrender and acceptance. Yoga makes her feel free and balanced. She was drawn to the practice by the beauty of the poses and the philosophies surrounding the practice of yoga. She completed her first 200hr teacher training with Shay Palmer in 2018 and her 20hr Anatomy Intensive shortly after. Years of practice and continued study taught her to value patience and gratitude. “As a teacher I believe that learning to breathe consciously in conjunction with intelligent sequencing of poses can help get your body in shape, change your perspective and calm the mind. Getting to know my students through their stories and the evolution of their practice is very fulfilling. I love that yoga can never be perfected or completed. It is so motivating! My mission is to make my classes accessible, challenging and light-hearted.

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