Matt Pritchard

Matt, aka “Jix”, was first introduced to yoga as a way to heal from a difficult back injury. He was apprehensive because he had misconceptions about yoga, but a friend convinced him to give it a try and after his first class he was hooked. He sought out various teachers and studios to begin learning about the philosophy of yoga. “Not only did I start to learn about non-attachment and being present, but also my body started to change. I was healing. My life became abundant in all avenues.”

After two years of a dedicated practice, Matt knew he wanted to share this practice with others, so he completed his first 200hr Teacher Training with Shay Palmer. Matt went on to receive additional training hours with various teachers and disciplines. Most recently, he completed the MYP Athletes Training with Lizzy Chiappy. He also teaches trauma informed yoga to at-risk youth, in homeless shelters, at rehabilitation facilities, in prisons and juvenile detention centers. He believes that breath work, coupled with simple movements, can help unlock deep mental and emotional blocks. His mission is to bring the yoga practice into non-conventional places because he believes that yoga, along with a balanced diet and exercise routine can help everyone increase their quality of life. Matt also is also an incredible DJ, so there’s a chance you’ll experience an original mixtape/playlist during his classes.

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